What do I need to do to earn Miles/Points?
Once you’ve selected your preferred currency (which is done when you Join the program), you will earn miles/points on qualifying Klaussner purchases. Your transactions will be automatically processed at the end of each month and posted to your account. For more information visit the Current Offers page.

What's the difference between the Klaussner Rewards Program and Klaussner Points?
When you join the Klaussner Rewards Program you are registering with us to earn Miles/Points in a chosen reward program (e.g. Klaussner Points, American Airlines AAdvantage, etc.). Klaussner Points is our in-house currency. If you select this currency, you will be able to redeem the Points earned for account credits, gift cards, electronics, travel packages and more. Please visit the Redeem page for a list of available items.

How do I keep track of my Miles/Points?
You can see the miles/points you’ve received through your participation in the Klaussner Rewards program by logging into your program account and checking your Account History. If you are earning Klaussner Points you can see your current account balance here too. However, to find the miles/points balance for any other reward program (e.g. American Airlines AAdvantage, United MileagePlus, etc.), you will have to visit the respective program website.

How many Miles/Points do I need to redeem?
It depends on the reward currency you are collecting. Each program has different redemption levels. Please visit the respective program website to find out how to redeem.
For Klaussner Points, we have many different items you can use your points towards and each item has a different point value. Visit the redeem page for details.

Can I change reward currencies at any time?
To change the currency, simply update your profile with a new reward program and add its associated reward program member number. NOTE: If you switch to a different reward currency, the miles/points you have earned to date will NOT be transferred to the new selected currency. Your miles/points will remain under the original currency until you decide to redeem them. If you switch currencies, you will begin to accrue miles/points under that new currency starting with your next qualifying purchase.
If you switch currencies and need to redeem the miles/points you earned while under a previous currency, you will need to temporarily switch back to that previous currency to do so. Remember to switch back to your new currency after redeeming miles/points from your previous currency or else you will begin accruing miles/points under the previous currency.

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